An Easy Easter Play for Small Churches

Here is an Easter Play written for the smallest of churches. It is extremely flexible. You can stage it as simply or elaborately as you like. You can pick and choose your own music . . . or use none at all.

It can be used as the format of a worship service for mid-week Lenten or Sunday Service.

The play calls for a minimum of four actors, but you will see that a few more can be added. Each actor delivers a soliloquy so there is no need for hours of rehearsing dialog. Your actors can even read their parts if they don’t want to memorize lines. Couldn’t be easier!

This is 2×2′s Lenten/Easter gift to you. Enjoy! Were You There?

Were You There?

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2×2 is a project of a small church. We know what it’s like to review resources that call for four-part harmony an organist and choir director when all we have is a few people willing to do their best.

We started developing our own resources and sharing them!

2×2 resources can be easily led and can be adapted to use with the skills of the people you have.

2×2 offers occasional dramas and song ideas, but we also have two weekly features.

  • A slideshow (entirely editable) that complements the lectionary and liturgical year. Individual slides can be used in church bulletins and newsletters or on your church web site.
  • An object lesson to use with adults or with a mixed group of adults and children. Object lessons are a great opportunity for small congregations to learn together.

We also encourage small churches to begin using social media and have several series with tips and tricks.

Our little church reaches between 2000 and 3000 readers each week—tripling our reach each year. We are happy to help others do the same.

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Blessings for your ministry!

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