An Inspiring Video Proving Boys Love to Sing

Here is an uplifting video which reminded us of Redeemer’s experience.

Redeemer hosted the East Falls Children’s Choir and held a music camp every summer. About 11 years ago, a new choir formed, meeting in East Falls. We fed the boys that attended the choir and our camp into the Keystone State Boychoir. (A girl choir formed a few years later.)

The choir gave the boys confidence, discipline and a passion for music. In the choir’s first ten years the boys that stuck with it sang on every continent. Yes, every continent.

The directors’ philosophy—allow self-conscious boys to sing with boys and they will grow to love singing in general.

Most churches have a rough time convincing their boys to sing. Typical mixed choruses in any youthful venue are 90% female. But boys do like to sing.

The link below will take you to YouTube. Come back for the translation to the hymn (below).


I would not ask a life that’s easy

gold and pearls so little mean

rather seek a heart that’s joyful

heart that’s honest, heart that’s clean.


Heart that’s clean and filled with virtue.

fairer far than lilies white

only pure hearts praise God truly

Praise him all the day and night.


Dawn and sunset still I’m searching

rising on a wing of song

Give me Lord, through Christ my Savior

that clean heart for which I long.

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  1. jajorg says:


    That was simply AWESOME! I really enjoyed it. THANK YOU for sharing such an impressive performance!


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