2×2 Hosts Krypton Community College

Next Tuesday, October 1, at 7 pm, 2×2 will be one of 10,000 hosts of Krypton Community College.

This is an experiment in education organized by internationally known thinker and entrepreneur, Seth Godin.

Tuesday will be the first session of an initial four-week course. The class or session will be about an hour and will discuss a few of Seth’s writings related to education. That’s the starting point. We’ll see together where this goes.

Seth plans to follow up with more four-week courses centered on works other than his own.

2×2’s interest, of course, is in religious education or faith education, although participants in our group will be coming from many different backgrounds and will add their own experiences to the topic.

It’s high time the world of religion interacted with others!

If you are local and want to participate, you are welcome. Jot us a note and we’ll get you details. creation@dca.net