Make Your 20-Minute Sermons
Last All Week Long!
Interactive Preaching for ADVENT

This e-book collection of Interactive Sermons will engage your listeners with ideas for preaching that incorporate modern trends in education. Provide your congregation with visual associations and opportunities for hands-on learning. Reinforce Sunday's message Monday through Saturday online.

The collection includes 12 Sermon outlines following the Common Lectionary Years A-C and one additional generic sermon.

2x2's Interactive Sermons are not word-for-word sermons. They rely on preachers adding their own theological insights. They are outlines with numerous links and ideas for truly incorporating the 20-minute sermon into congregational life.

For examples, see the 120 Interactive Sermons available for FREE at The published versions of these sermons provide more ideas, especially for internet use.


  1. Purchasers of this book will have password access to more online helps including downloadable images and resources for your online ministry.
  2. Purchasers of this book will receive a FREE copy of the Advent play: I Am Only the Messenger (a $4.75 value).
  3. Purchasers of this book can download updates FREE!


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