Big Changes Coming on 2×2

underconstructionOur subscribers may have noticed fewer 2×2 posts in the last couple of weeks.

Well, we are a small church and we are undertaking big changes. For the next TEN weeks we will be revising our site to make 2×2 resources easily available to more small church ministries. And so we expect content to suffer for a few weeks—all in the interest of great improvements.

We’ve invested in learning the latest techniques for using the web. If you are into technology you know that it is constantly changing. That’s one of the reasons churches have a hard time keeping up.

2×2 has more than 1000 posts sitting on our site in blog form. They consist of

  • several series on implementing social media
  • several series on branding, marketing and evangelism
  • weekly object lessons for adults
  • weekly slideshows for use in worship
  • religious art history
  • easy but interesting worship ideas for small churches with little professional leadership
  • commentary on state of the church from the lay point of view


We’ll categorize the material and revise the navigation for ease of use.

We will also implement the latest social media strategies and share the process and results so that any church can learn to use the internet to spread The Word.

So, here’s our thank you to faithful readers and our request for patience.

We’re excited!

We look forward to getting back to mission of sharing content to inspire the ministries of the smallest churches.

Worship locally. Serve globally.