Never Lock Your Church Doors Again

2×2 Virtual Church has been open for four and a half years. I noticed in reviewing our analytics and statistics that there is alway someone visiting our site—even on slow days. Most days see visitors from all over the world. Sometimes we have hundreds, sometimes just a few, but someone is always in our church.


I noticed this image (below) from a post from a marketing blog I follow. (You can learn a lot about evangelism by studying marketing!)


These statistics should shock every Church and spur them to action. Your posts, pins, and tweets can be part of the millions of “likes.” Your images can be part of the “shares.” Your videos could be one of those downloaded.


You aren’t still waiting for people to come to you, are you?


Study these statistics and never lock your church doors again.


Become “The Church that Never Sleeps.”


Meanwhile, we’ll leave the light on for you!