New Year’s Resolutions for Church Social Media

13 Resolutions for 2013 

It’s a new year. 2013. No better time to refresh our thinking for Redeemer’s ground-breaking ministry in social media evangelism, otherwise known as

Redeemer, East Falls, Philadelphia, began its social media ministry in February of 2011, reaching 1,994 people its first year—most of this number during the last two months of the year. We projected that we would reach 12,000 in 2012. We have reached more than 13,000. With steady growth in the last six months, we project that we will reach 20,000 in 2013.

Between 50 and 100 people visit 2×2 each day. 300-600 each week. Redeemer (which the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America no longer recognizes as existing at all) reaches more people than most of its congregations.

Resolutions for Our Social Media Ministry

Here are some things we resolve as we approach a new mission year.

  1. We resolve to honor the Gospel imperatives to reach the world with a message of love.
  2. We resolve to be mindful of the needs of others as we create content for small congregations.
  3. We resolve to respond to every comment posted on our site.
  4. We resolve to think beyond our membership to provide helpful resources for seekers.
  5. We resolve to energize the laity and provide a voice for the lay point of view.
  6. We resolve to strengthen the mission bonds that were planted during the last year in Pakistan, Kenya and Sweden.
  7. We resolve to keep minds open to new mission ideas and opportunities.
  8. We resolve to add video and podcast content to our editorial mix.
  9. We resolve to assist other congregations in entering the rich but unknown territory of social media.
  10. We resolve to not desert East Falls and stand idly as the assets and resources contributed by Redeemer members and friends for mission purposes are seized to pay the operating expenses of a Synod that failed to serve us.
  11. We resolve to explore making a ministry that can support the work of Redeemer, East Falls, should the Lutherans of the Southeastern Pennsylvanian Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America ever stir its collective conscience to revisit its horrific behavior in this neighborhood.
  12. We resolve to help find active ministry solutions for small congregations and put an end to SEPA’s selfish “stand and watch while they fail” policies.
  13. We resolve to be ready for a day of reconciliation with a ministry plan that is ready to resume speed.

Redeemer has never stopped following its mission.

Redeemer is not closed.
We are locked out of God’s House by SEPA Synod.