News from Pakistan

Pakistani Christians Take Huge Mission Step

We received thrilling news from our Christian friends in Pakistan this week.


You’ll remember that 2×2 sent a gift to the Pakistani Christians when one of their churches was bombed in September, killing hundreds and injuring more. It was our first outreach effort that we publicized on the 2×2 website. Readers in Michigan did the legwork in collecting clothes and even found a way to ship them at a reasonable cost. Others contributed money which covered the shipping and we were also able to send some cash.


Today they sent news that they have been able to purchase land to build a home for Christian orphans—the first in Pakistan.


Their pastor reports that they received one large gift to make this possible.


This is an ambitious project in a region of the world where professing Christianity is hazardous. Their pastor regularly points out that Christians have always faced difficult challenges.


We wish we could do more and perhaps some day we will be able to!

Here are the photos. 100004085059369pizapw1402074039

Orphanage plans