Paying Attention to the Journey

pakistan4Children’s Art Offers Object Lesson

The Road to the Cross Can Be Beautiful

Yesterday we posted children’s art sent to us by leaders of New Life Fellowship in Pakistan. The work was part of a contest. We published just four of the many photos sent. Each of the images is an image of a church building — remarkable in that most Pakistani Christians do not meet in any church building but gather in homes and on rooftops. A few months ago, some who worship together in a sanctuary were bombed by terrorists as they left worship for fellowship time.
I took a second look at the posted art and I noticed that each image of a church building had two things in common. Prominent crosses and roads leading to the door. The roads seemed to be a very important part of each image as they are treated with artistic care. The roads are bright, sparkling, rainbow-colored.
A reminder. Church life is a journey. The road leads to the cross. The journey along that road is very important. It can be difficult. It can be beautiful.
Thank you, Pakistani children, for an important object lesson.
(TIP 1: You can use project these photos and show them to your congregation or repost them on your church website.)
(TIP 2: Sponsor your own art contest to see how your members view their Christian journey.)