Adult Object Lesson: The Temptation of Christ

Today’s object is a magnet. Magnets are best known for their ability to attract. They can repel but in the end we think of magnets as pulling things toward them.

We often think temptation is the magnet drawing us from the straight and narrow. But the magnet can also draw us back to God.

magnetUse the magnet as you talk to dramatize the repelling nature of the devil and the way the magnet of Scripture and God’s promises keep drawing Jesus and us back. Its power overcomes temptation. You might have someone role play the three temptations and have them drawn toward the magnet, which might be draped over a cross. Or you might have three metallic objects representing each temptation and one by one have them drawn toward the magnet.

The story of the temptation of Christ is a story of drawing Jesus to his mission. The attempt to repel is there but the magnet just keeps drawing Jesus back to focus, back to mission, back to his relationship with his Father.

The first temptation laid before Christ is to think of himself and his own needs and comfort. Jesus responds, “Man does not live by bread alone.” That’s not what I’m about, in other words.

The second temptation is power. “It’s all yours for one low price. Worship me.” Jesus answers again, “That’s not what I’m about.”

The third temptation is an offering from the Devil. “Take the easy way, Jesus. No need to suffer, if that’s what you have in mind. The angels will spare you.”

And Jesus is drawn back to Scripture. “Do not put the Lord your God to the test.”

Another idea

We’ve set the story to music, changing the words to a popular song about temptation. The song tells the whole story and is fun to act out, The tune is so well-known, that it is easy to perform and engage others in joining the chorus. You’ll find links to easy guitar/piano chords.