Time for Advent!
Two new resources!


2x2 created two new resources to help churches of any size (but especially small churches) celebrate Advent—A PLAY and an E-BOOK with ideas for interactive preaching and use of your church website during Advent. These sermons often focus on an object, but they are not just for children!

While larger churches are pulling out the props from storage for their annual Christmas pageants, smaller churches often struggle to add color to the Advent season with fewer people and resources.

We watch the secular world having fun with our season, while we try to focus on the inspiring, lesser-known stories that lead to the birth of Christ. It is hard to compete with the secular hoopla!

These resources add color to the season without sacrificing the spirit of Advent.

NOTE: 2x2 has been publishing resources for free for five years. We'll continue to so, but some resources take weeks and months to develop. For resources these resources, we are charging a small fee—not much more than a cup of coffee and a slice of pie at a family restaurant—well within the smallest church's ability to pay. Please keep in mind that the charge is per congregation! Buy one copy and use it with your members. 

I Am Only the Messenger!

In this play, the angel Gabriel visits key players in the Advent story—Zechariah, Mary, Elizabeth, Joseph, and John the Baptist and Jesus. The Act in which Gabriel visits with John and Jesus can be used as the Epiphany season approaches.

Even the smallest churches can use this play.

It is written in five Acts. Each about 10 minutes. The fifth act was added to give versatility if a congregation has trouble casting a certain role. But all five acts can be used.

The acts stand alone and can be used as chancel plays for the four weeks of Advent Sunday or midweek worship. They can be combined for one, longer Advent celebration.

Props and costuming can be as elaborate or simple as you choose.

The cast is small: six or seven people, but no scene includes more than three of the actors and most include only two. That makes scheduling rehearsals so much easier.

The acts contain tips for congregational participation.

They are written to be fun, engaging and highlight the key stories of the Advent, pre-Christmas story which are so often lost in the concentration on snowmen and reindeer.

This play is FREE with the purchase of Interactive Preaching for Advent.
See below.


Sermon Starters Using Interactive Exercises to Reinforce the Sunday morning message all week long.

This 74-page ebook includes 14 sermon ideas—one corresponding to the each set of scriptures for Advent Sundays in the Common Lectionary Years A, B, and C and two generic sermons. Ideas can be mixed and matched.

These are not word for word sermons but outlines with tips for hymns, object lessons, role-playing, images for bulletins and websites so that the 20-minute sermon can live throughout the week.

The techniques involve all ages and can be adapted to any setting.

The sermons are like the 120 sermons posted on 2x2 for free. They have been significantly enhanced.

A special web page provides copy and paste content for purchasers of this book and an online forum for ongoing support.

Purchasers of Interactive Preaching for Advent will receive a link
for a FREE DOWNLOAD the Advent Play:
I Am Only the Messenger
(a $4.75 value).​

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