What If Churches Refused to Use the Word “Can’t”

Small churches are challenged to be sure, but our biggest challenge is overcoming the advice from church leaders who have stopped trying to serve small churches.


We know from experience. We were told all the things we “can’t” do. And then we proceeded to do them—even after church leaders took our property and money.


“We don’t see how you can go on.” That’s what they said.


Well, they spent no time trying. Their minds had been made up for them.


Here we are six years later—still active in mission and reaching more people each year than any other congregation in our area—way more! By next year, we will be reaching more than all 160 congregations in the Southeastern Pennsylvania Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America combined. That’s assuming they average 1000 people each.


One of 2×2’s loyal subscribers sent this video link that proves what is possible when you remove “can’t” from you vocabulary.


It is hauntingly uplifting.


Enjoy it and then work on your own mission with equal passion.