20 Reasons to Avoid the Internet in Ministry

Only about half of pastors see value in the internet in ministry according to a recent study conducted by the Barna Group.


This is an astounding and troubling statistic among other statistics. Most telling, perhaps, is that the study compares statistics with a similar study conducted 15 years ago. And this statistic has increased in 15 years by only 19%.


The Church is missing out on the greatest mission tool to ever be placed in their hands.


2×2 published several series of articles on implementing Social Media in congregations several years ago. Since then, we’ve just been practicing what we preach. We are more convinced than ever that congregations today MUST use these tools actively, if they hope to be around for the next Barna Group study 15 years from now.


In November 2011, 2×2 took a tongue-in-cheek look at the Church’s View of the Internet and Social Media. No surprise, given the Barna statistics—it hasn’t grown stale in four years! Here’s an update. Feel free to share it with your governing board!

20 Reasons to Avoid the Internet in Ministry

  1. Religion is a mystery. Let’s keep it that way!
  2. Pen and ink were good enough for St. Paul.
  3. Let people form opinions about church and religion from the popular media. They do a pretty good job!
  4. Social media allows for too much interaction between clergy and laity. It’s best to maintain boundaries.
  5. We do not want to be known by our works. It’s a theological thing.
  6. Why monitor our image? Who could have a beef with us!?
  7. So what if people criticize church and religion online. No one will pay any attention.
  8. We want people who join our church to know as little as possible. That way we can tell them what’s what!
  9. We don’t need to share ideas about faith. The Bible is crystal clear.
  10. Our congregation is a close-knit family. We don’t have time for other people’s problems.
  11. What’s in it for us?
  12. Somebody created a web page 10 years ago. As far as we can tell no one looks at it. Does anyone remember who made that page?
  13. We added a donate button recently, but no one uses it.
  14. If we start writing with other people in mind, they may get the idea that we care more than we really do.
  15. The Church has no business writing about non-Church issues.
  16. It’s not in the budget.
  17. Great idea, but it’s not my job.
  18. Our current members keep us plenty busy.
  19. What’s the use? Our church is dying.
  20. Everything is great just the way it is.