Helping the Children of Pakistan

relief1Do you remember that day last December when the country learned that 20 grade school children had been murdered in Sandy Hook, Connecticut? Do you remember the overwhelming, sinking feeling horror and grief?

Multiply that by seven or more in Pakistan.

At last count 132 children were murdered in Northwestern Pakistan. A hundred more were injured. In this case, it was not the work of one madman but a concentrated planned attack by sane men desperate to make a point. When reason fails, depravity rules.

2×2 has been in regular contact with Christians in Pakistan for nearly two years. Our contact writes that they are all in deep mourning. We remember!

The children were attending a school operated by the military. They were the children of some privilege. They wore nice clothes and slept at night in warm beds.

Last year, 2×2 readers gathered winter clothing for the less-privileged children of Pakistan. It was a wonderful experience that created bonds in a part of the world that often escapes America’s attention. Pictures shared of the children in Pakistan gladly accepting their gifts hit home. They made a difference.

The effort was an exercise in what one congregation can do in the modern connected world. We found no relief services to partner with in our desire to help Pakistani Christians. We forged our way, one person partnering and connecting with another. We sent three LARGE boxes of clothing. We had been discouraged at one point that commercial shipping asked for more than $1000 to send our donations, but by just putting out the word, growing our network, we found a company that was willing to send the clothes with products they were shipping all over the world. Total cost: about $350, which 2×2 paid.

Yesterday’s news reminded young people of last year’s clothing drive. We learned a few months ago that the Pakistani church was working to build an orphanage. “We want to make a difference,” one teenager said. “A real difference.”

And so 2×2 is assisting their initiative again. A group of young people in Michigan are collecting warm clothing for children, blankets, and toys that don’t rely on batteries.

We’ll get the word out and 2×2 readers will do the rest.

Send us an email if you wish to contribute. We’ll tell you how.